Fleetwood Mac

Last night I attended a Fleetwood Mac concert and one thing I took away from the night was just how much the band is loved by many generations.

Formed in the lat 60’s their music spans generations.

I attended with my dad, and honestly, I will always say it’s the atmosphere the lights up a concert.

Not having been around when Fleetwood Mac first broke out and not having seen them earlier on, I had nothing to compare to, but one thing was sure, despite age, they showed they still had it.

One thing I was impressed with, was Mick Fleetwood. The man behind the drums. Incredible talent.

One of the things that I truly loved was Stevie Nicks’ tribute to Tom Petty by singing Free Falling. Just to hear the emotion and the love for a friend is truly incredibly.

I know that this show didn’t include the full original line up with Lindsey Buckingham now being out of the band and I did  hear a few people say they’re not the same without Lindsey Buckingham and you know what? Perhaps they’re right but Neil Finn in his own right is incredible and seeing how welcomed everyone made him was something special.

If you get a chance to see them in concert, do jump at it! Being able to hear every single member of the crowd singing their hearts out was truly amazing.

Their music will always be timeless.

Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. August 24th, 2019