Warner Bros, Movie World: DC Super Heroes and Super Villains

Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend the DC Super Heroes and Super Villains at Warner Bros, Movie World.

As someone who loves anything to do with the DC universe, I knew I had to attend.


Get ready for another year of villainous fun as the Super Heroes and Super-Villains of the DC universe take over Warner Bros. Movie World these school holidays. Visit during 29th June –13th July for a heroic experience of super-proportions culminating in the all new DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains light show parade at the special time of 5:30pm where we pay homage to Batman’s 80th Anniversary. Plus, join The Joker Funhouse Party from 6pm – 8pm as Main Street comes alive with a resident DJ and delicious street food, or ride into the night on some of your favourite attractions, including the DC Rivals HyperCoaster! DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains is included with your general admission or why not visit all school holidays with a Village Roadshow One Pass! Street food available for purchase from the villainous food stalls in Main Street. – Warner Bros, Movie World

Usually when Movie World holds these types of events, you can usually guarantee that the park will be packed. Especially when the event is included with their regular day tickets. However, yesterday proved to be the best day to attend. With the weather being a little bit hit and miss with some rain about,  it seemed to keep people away. The funny thing, it rained for about 10 minutes through out the whole day, with nothing but blue skies and sunshine the rest of the time.  Occasionally there were dark clouds about though.

As the park was opened a little later with this event, I decided to arrive a little later than usual. Just in time for lunch. Of course the first top of the day had to be Rick’s cafe.

Since I was with my nephew for the first few hours and the fact he is only 5 and doesn’t really do bug thrill rides, we decided to head to the arcade, followed by the Aquaman Exhibition.

For those of you who love Jason Momoa or Aquaman, this exhibition is for you. Long story short, Aquaman was filmed on the Gold Coast with the studios beside the park being their home base. So, all the props, costumes etc are now being showcased for a limited time at Warner Bros, Movie World. Well worth a look if you find yourself either on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane.


The great thing about Movie World is, that even if you’re not a big ride person, there is always something to see and do. The park prides itself on their shows, just as much as their rides and even though I’m a frequent visitor to the park and have seen all the shows time and time again, it was nice seeing them showcase the heroes and villains from DC by adding in extra shows for the event.

By the time 3pm came about and after watching the stunt show (if you love fast cars and a bit of comedy, this show will be for you), my sister finally arrived and this meant, time for the bigger rides.

Since there was no one there, we managed to ride the Scooby Coaster (This ride is based of the Scooby doo movie from 2002.) multiple times, along with the Wild Wild West, justice League and the Batwing. I have never been brave enough to jump on the Green Lantern roller coaster or the new DC Rivals Hypercoaster but the line ups were not huge for these either.


By 5.15pm, we were eagerly awaiting the parade, DC Super Heroes and Super Villains Light Show Parade with a start time of 5:30pm. During this event, they had added extra food choices to the park, so while waiting, I ended up feasting down on a. hot dog from Harley Quinn Dog House. They had the option of purchasing the Mega Trash Can dog but I wasn’t game. It looked delicious though.

Anyway, back to the parade, so this event coincides with Batman’s 80th anniversary, so bring the parade, they added all the bat mobiles that the park owns. My favourite will aways by the car from the dark knight and of course, this is one of the cars they own.

The parade ended with the joker taking over the park for the evening, with tunes, filling the park.


So, I know not all people will be fortunate enough to have a great night out with not many people attending but Movie World does offer the ability to purchase fast passes for the rides. Since I’m a frequent visitor to the parks, I don’t usually purchase this but when it comes to events like these, I do suggest purchasing the fast pass option.  I have done this for past events and wait times are significantly cut shorter than the normal lines.

Despite the shows and rides, Movie World offered a few other exclusives for this event, such as:

  • Escape Room, Entrapment – The Super Heroes have been caught and stripped of their super powers while the Super-Villains wreak havoc. The race is on for everyday citizens to help the Super Heroes regain their powers so that they can escape their entrapment and save the world!
  • Suit up – Transform into a super hero or super villain
  • Face painting  / Free t-shirt

If you’re looking to attend, The DC Super Heroes and Super Villains event will be running  between June 29th and July 13, 2019.

A few little facts about the park:

Location: Pacific Motorway, Oxenford – Gold Coast, Queensland 4210 Australia

Opening hours: 9:30am – 5pm (during this special event the park is open from 9:30am till 8pm at time)

If you would like to find out more about this event or the park in general, please head to: Warner Bros Movie World

As I love finding out more about theme parks and other places to visit similar to this, please leave your suggestions below!