Chasing Waterfalls and Beachside Delights

Road Trip Diary: June 15th, 2019

Occasionally my best friend and I will get into one of our cars and head in whatever direction. Earlier this month, we decided to explore the Sunshine Coast but this time, we opted for the Gold Coast.

For a person that loves the outdoors, one of my favourite things about the Gold Coast is that in the morning you can go from being in a lush tropical rain forest, chasing waterfalls and then in the afternoon, you can relax by one of the popular beaches.

Gold Coast:

For those of you that don’t know, the Gold Coast is situated on the East Coast of Australia and is mostly known for its long sandy beaches, surfing sports and of course the hinterland. The Gold Coast is one of those cities that has something from every one, Rainforests, beaches, Theme Parks… The list goes on and on.

You can find more about the Gold Coast by heading to: Destination Gold Coast

The morning started off with a short drive up to Tamborine Mountain.

Mount Tamborine:

Just an hour from Brisbane and 30 min from the Gold Coast. Be captivated by the lush green rainforest, the change of pace, cooler climate, sweeping views and all that the The Green behind the Gold has to offer.

We had ideas of doing a rain forest walk but at that time, we weren’t sure which one to do. That was until we saw a sign mentioning Curtis Falls and knew then and there, thats what we were going to do.

From the moment we arrived and set out on our hike, we were enchanted by the surrounding rainforest and the sound of flowing water from the waterfalls. The hike itself is relatively easy as you follow a 1.1 km track through the rainforest. If you’re not physically fit, there a little stops along the way where you’re able to rest.

Curtis Falls
Curtis Falls The first view of the falls will take your breath away.
Lush rainforest that surrounds Curtis Falls
The lush rainforest that surrounds Curtis Falls.

From the falls, we visited the Botanical Gardens. I’ll be honest in saying that this was a little spontaneous but we fell in love with the colours of the wintery leaves.

We could have spent the whole day up on the mountain and still not quite get everything in but by noon, we were itching to put our feet in the sand so from the botanical gardens, we decided to make our way down the mountain and out to the beaches.

I have said it before and I will always say it. One of my favourite places on the Gold Coast is Coolangatta. It’s not as busy as Surfer’s Paradise but the beaches are still incredible, if not better. So it was a no brainer that we ended up here, however not before a quick little detour down to Norther NSW to Hasting’s Point. We had wanted to see where they filmed Aquaman.

By the time we arrived at Coolangatta, it was late afternoon but that didn’t deter us. Armed with my skateboard and our cameras, we headed out on our usual walk. We made our way around to Snapper Rocks which is a prime spot for surfers.

Snapper Rocks. It is a famous surf break and today the start of the large sand bank known to surfers as the Superbank.
My favourite view at Greenmount Beach.

Snapper Rocks is where we waited for the sun to set. I don’t know what it is about the place but the sun sets are always incredible. Pink, blues are among the colours that light up the sky. I’d be lying if I said that this wasn’t one of my favourite places in the world.

If you ever find yourself on the East Coast of Australia, I highly recommend visiting the Gold Coast and carving your own story along the coast.

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