Road Tripping to the Sunshine Coast

I find the cold / over cast days are the best to get out and capture photos. As much as I love sunny and warm days, I was pretty excited to get out today and explore some new places and old.

The day started with a drive up to the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia where we headed straight for The Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk. A few weeks earlier, one of my friends had found this cute little waterfall and we knew from then we had to go chasing it. Thankfully the rain had held off for most of the drive.

The Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk

This is a 45 hectare secluded oasis, hidden on the northern side of Buderim, less than a kilometre from the Buderim Village. This is a rainforest world of tall trees, ferns, babbling waterfalls, cascades and bird calls.

There are two entries to this beautiful oasis. The lower entry is off Lindsay Road via Harry’s Lane, while the second entry point is via Quorn Close, which runs off Lindsay Road at the top of Buderim. Both entries have their advantages and disadvantages and there is parking at both entry points, with most at the top Quorn Close entry.

We ended up at the lower entry but once we arrived we were greeted by a lush, green tropical landscape. It was about a 900m walk to the waterfalls themselves and I’m sure on a nice, sunny day that walk would be a breeze but today as there had been rain in the area, there was mud everywhere and the rocks were all wet. For us it was fun and apart of the adventure but just in case, make sure you’re prepared for wet weather.

Buderim Waterfall Walk

The next stop was the Big Pineapple. This is a place I used to visit all the time as a kid and loved it. Today, despite the nostalgia feeling, I was a little disappointed. It was more of a tourist trap today than anything. There is a small zoo to the side and a tree course and biplane on the other side, we didn’t go to either but we did do the ride the Train. A 20 minute round trip through the rain forest and a part of the zoo.  We probably could have done with out this stop. Back in the day it was great but today, it’s a sad shadow of it’s former self.

The Big Pineapple

The Big Pineapple is an iconic food-tourism destination, with a history of showcasing and celebrating Queensland’s world-class produce. In the Big Pineapple’s heyday, it was the nation’s most popular tourism attraction, and is now making a come-back, with food again at the heart of our tourism offer.

A feature of our master plan is to facilitate more on-site food and beverage production, with wholesale and retail food and beverage distribution, along with on-site food production demonstration and tasting.

In the future we plan to diversify our offer, with demonstration farms, micro-breweries, distilleries, restaurants and a convention centre.

The Big Pineapple.

From the Big Pineapple, we made out way to Maroochydore and Mooloolaba.

The whole purpose of this trip was to get out with our cameras, so beach stops are always a must.

It was at Maroochydore that we stopped for a bite to eat before carrying on with more photos. It was here that the rain really started to come down so at this pointed, we decided to start making our way back to Brisbane.

Walking along the Beach at Maroochydore.
Mooloolaba Beach

We did decide to slowly make our way back and soon enough, we found ourselves in Caloundra checking out the vintage cars that had come for the Beach Fest Down under. You can find out more about Beach Fest here.


By now, we were losing light and decided to call it a day and head back to Brisbane.

As I don’t get to the Sunshine Coast very often, I’d definitely be interested in other places to check out up there. Drop your suggestions below! If you would like to see more photos from today, please check out my instagram, tasteslikewanderlust.