Change of Plans in Nassau, The Bahamas

It’s funny how plans can change in a moment and that while on vacation, it’s best to have an open mind. The cruise that I spoke about in my one of my previous posts (8 Hours in Jamaica), one of the other ports of call was Nassau, The Bahamas.

We had booked a tour to go out to Pearl Island, this beautiful little island of the coast of Nassau where the water was clear, the sand was white. Definitely a place you could relax for the day away from the ship.

As we pulled into the port early that morning, we weren’t met with sunshine. Mother nature surely put on a display for us. We were met with rain, wind and some wild seas. Even with a positive mind, we soon learnt our excursion was cancelled. Whereas most people were disappointed and boarded the ship, my friend and I decided we weren’t going to waste our day, (especially while in a new country to us) so we decided to head into the heart of Nassau to find a local to take us around the sights.

With 5 other ships in and in the mind frame that it may be a little hard to find a local willing to take us on tour late in the morning, surprisingly we found one within half an hour and were quickly loaded into his van and whisked away on a tour around Nassau.

Our tour guide, Aubrey, was amazing and knowledgeable about the place he called home.

We visited the following places:

  • Queens Staircase
  • Water tower and Fort Fincastle (you can do this along with Queens Staircase in the one stop)
  • Drove through different levels of communities to see how the people live.
  • Visited an old colonial house.
  • Atlantis Hotel

When our tour concluded, we were dropped back into the heart of Nassau where we could shop, eat etc. I remember walking back to our ship and turning to my best friend and travel partner and saying, “I’m glad we did that.”

I know things don’t always go to plan and I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed that morning. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of spending some time on a small tropical island? But I’m glad we got a chance to get out and see the real Nassau.

Atlantis Hotel, Nassau
The Atlantis Hotel in Nassau.
Nassau Lighthouse
The Morning we arrived into Nassau, we were greeted with this stunning view just before we docked.
Historic war site
The Queens Staircase was the first stop on our tour after exploring downtown Nassau. This old historic fort is situated at the top of the Queens Staircase.
Coast along Nassau
I captured this photo from our moving van. it was wet, rainy and cold but the landscape was incredible.

What has been a destination that you have been to that your plans haven’t exactly gone the way you had planned?