Waves of Wonder

I took this photo a while back when there was a cyclone looming of the coast. I had just purchased my Canon DSLR 80D and had been eager to take it for a test drive. So, my best friend and I headed on a road trip down to Northern NSW. It was sun shining when we left but by the time, we got to Tweed Heads it was pouring and the rain only continued as we made our way to Byron. We made a few stops at random beaches along the way only to agree to come back up to Coolangatta, QLD due to the weather only getting worse. It was rainy, windy and it was only getting worse.

When we reached Coolangatta, the atmosphere was surreal. In one direction, clouds were dark, the waves were only getting bigger and in the other direction, the sun was shining. Still, the only people in the water were surfers with a handful of people watching on like myself armed with cameras.  

I don’t know how I managed it, but this photo captured the day perfectly and will always be one of my favourite photos I have ever taken. Mother nature at her finest. Despite the gloom of the weather, even something so simple as a wave can show just how beautiful this world is.

That’s why I created this blog.

I love taking photographs. It’s a moment in time that is captured forever. I prefer taking landscape photos from around the world. Despite only having travelled to only a few countries so far, I hope that in the near future, I can continue to travel with my camera in hand to capture all the beauty that is in this world.